Free Printable Broadcast Fax Cover Sheet Templates

A Broadcast Fax cover sheet is made for broadcasting a message to many people at the same time. It may be used by businesses or individuals, but is more useful for businesses to convey a message to its customers or patrons in bulk at the same time.

Broadcast Fax Cover Sheet

Broadcast Fax Cover Sheet

This fax cover sheet contains the image of a man with a megaphone, signifying to the receiver’s that this fax is sent to multiple people at the same time.

Free Broadcast Fax Cover Sheet

At the top of the fax cover sheet, there is an image of a man with a megaphone. Below that, there is a list provided to enter the name of the recipients to whom the fax will be bulk mailed to. Below that, there is a box for a message needed to be conveyed to the receivers, if any.

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