Free Sample Exterminator Fax Cover Sheet Templates

An Exterminator Fax cover sheet is specially designed for exterminator businesses or pest control companies. It contains images of wasps, flies, and ants signifying the services provided by the exterminator or pest control businesses to its customers.

Exterminator Fax Cover Sheet

Exterminator Fax Cover Sheet

At the top of the fax cover sheet, there is fax written in bold letters. At the top right, there are images of wasps, flies and ants embedded. Below that, there is space provided for filling the sender’s details such as the company’s name, mailing address, phone number, fax number, etc.

Free Exterminator Fax Cover Sheet

Below that, space is provided for filling receiver’s information, such as receiver’s name, fax number, date and number of pages. Below that, there is a box for conveying any message to the receiver, if any.

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