Reasons to Receive a Blank Page in a Fax

Sometimes when the sender sends the fax, on the other hand, the recipient receives the blank fax. There might the various reasons behind this. But it is very annoying when you are not able to receive the fax and the sender sends it in a correct manner. Sometimes it can be due to an operation error or machine malfunctioning. It is very much important to find out the exact reason behind the problem so that the problem can be solved in the right way.

Reasons behind receiving a blank page in a page can be following:

  • Faxes Send In a Wrong Way

When you are sending a fax to check your page direction as well sometimes there is a problem in the direction of the paper. The paper is not faced up in the specified direction. Some fax machines pages need to face up and some fax machine pages need to be face down so, the direction of the paper totally depends upon the fax machine. If the direction of the page in the wrong way than the blank side of the fax will be sent to the recipient.

Reasons to Receive a Blank Page in a Fax

So, you just need to be aware of the side of the paper. However, it is a little bit awkward but this little bit of carefulness can save you from the embarrassment. So, this can be a reason for getting a blank paper. Sometimes the error is not big but we need to be a little bit of awareness about the system or process. Well, if the direction of the page is corrected and still you are getting blank fax than the issue can be something else.

  • Extra Pages Attached In The Document

Sometimes when you send attached document you face blank pages coming in the middle or at the end of the fax. This also causes wastage of paper as well. And in the case of the fax which is sent via computer, you might receive blank papers. Well, this can occur as the fax can have a limited number of attached pages or documents and your fax exceeds the number of pages. So, when you are sending the fax look upon all the aspects and send your fax accordingly. Otherwise, the recipient can also get confused with the blank attachments or fax.

Fax Cover sheet

  • Ink Needs To Be Refilled

Well, this is a very common problem sometimes we do not check whether the ink is there in the fax machine or needs to be refilled and we simply try to take a printout of the fax which results in blank fax cover sheet. So, when the fax machine is out of ink then it simply starts printing faded text or pages which you can take as a warning and can refill the ink. Well, it is a very genuine problem which anyone can face. So, you need to check it properly whether the ink is sufficient or not in the fax machine.

So, these are some basic issues which can result in a blank page in a fax which can be solved very easily and manually. Apart from this if you are getting a blank page of a fax then consult to the technical person as they can solve the technical issues or if there is an error in code which can’t be solved by you and need an expert person to solve the problem. Hope, this information is beneficial for you and you will get rid of the problem of getting a blank page in a fax.

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