Free Printable Warning Fax Cover Sheet Templates

A Warning Fax Cover Sheet, as the name suggests, warns the receiver about the nature of the document, suggesting that it might contain personal information, medical records, business contracts, or explicit content and receiver should exercise discretion before opening the document.

Warning Fax Cover Sheet

Warning Fax Cover Sheet

As you know there are fax cover sheets suited for every purpose and situations. It is mostly used by businesses to transmit official documents from one company or individual to another. It is definitely a cheap, fast and effective method of transmitting documents without any tampering with the documents.

But sometimes, it happens that the nature of the documents may be such that it may contain personal, confidential or explicit content which might not be intended for everyone to see. Hence for such situations, the sender can send a warning fax cover sheet before the actual transmission of the documents.

Warning Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Today fax is used by businesses and individuals alike to transmit information from one place to another within no time. Although it is in use since the mid 19th century, it has not gone out of use and is still as relevant as it used to be since its inception. It has undergone tremendous changes and now online faxing has become a trend among businesses and individuals alike.

Free Warning Fax Cover Sheet

Thus, it provides security to the document and pre-warns the user that he/she is not eligible to open the document if such is the case.

A Warning Fax Cover Sheet can be used by hospitals, businesses, and individuals to send information of highly confidential or secretive in nature and its sole purpose is to safeguard the document from falling in the hands of unintended receivers.

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