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Fax is still the most used and preferred method of communication between businesses. So if you have to send a fax for business purpose or at an individual level, you need to use the appropriate fax cover sheet. To help you provide the best printable fax cover sheets, we have made this site where you can find fax cover sheets for different purposes. Here you can find various fax cover sheet samples and also fax cover sheet for various purposes such as professional, confidential, etc.

If you work in an office and are sending a fax for the first time, then you must have doubt regarding the format of a professional fax cover sheet and what all details must be included in it. So here we have also provided you with a guide on how you can write a professional fax cover sheet. Also we have provided you with some premium printable fax cover sheet templates which you can download and print. So you can choose a template according to your requirements and grab the attention of the recipient and build a stronger professional bond with them.