😃How To Use a Fax Machine {Steps With Pictures 2020}😃

Fax has become an important part of today’s business communication so today we shall talk about How To Use A Fax Machine. Fax provides a cost-effective and with a fast method to businesses and individuals alike to send and receive documents within minutes. With the widespread use of the internet, the concept of online faxing has become a buzzword in business communication and is widely used by businesses. But some prefer the traditional way of sending a fax. It has many advantages over other methods of communication hence is still relevant for businesses.

Here through this article, we are going to talk about how to use a fax machine, how does fax machine work, etc.

How Does a Fax Machine Work

If you are using fax for the first time or even if you don’t use fax, you should know how a fax machine works. As you know, a fax machine can both send and receive documents. If we talk about the sending process of fax, it is similar to the scanning process. It uses CCD (Charged Couple Device) that is programmed to scan only one line at a time of the document. It takes each individual line and detects the black and white areas in the document.

It then converts this data into an electrical pulse and sends them through the phone line connected through the machine. And in case of a receiver, these electrical impulses are transmitted to the printer connected with the chosen line of the receiver. So it breaks down or decodes the electrical impulses it receives. And accordingly, when it receives the message of a black dot in the document, it receives it and immediately printing it.

How To Use a Fax Machine Brother

Brother is a popular and widely recognized company manufacturing fax machines across the US. So today we shall talk about how you can use a fax machine brother. So if you are using a fax machine for the first time or want to know about how can you send a fax using this fax machine, follow these simple steps :

  1. First, verify that your Brother machine has a dial tone. In case there is no dial tone, check that the line cord is properly connected from Brother’s machine line jack to the wall telephone jack.
  2. Next, you can send a fax using two options – either use Brother’s Machine Automatic Document Reader (ADF), or you can use a flat glass scanner in your Brother machine.

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